Music Hack Day - Denver


My goal coming into the hackathon was to gather some ideas for generating music automatically for internet games. My apps use the Echo Nest "Dynamic Playlisting" API to gather songs in a specific genre and tempo based on what is happening in the game. These songs are then played through Rdio.
The Apps
  • Tetris v1 - this version plays a song with faster tempo after each line clear. In a "real" version, I would only increment the level (and therefore change the song) after about 10 line clears or so. This setup was just to see the effects of the tempo speeding up a bit faster.
  • Tetris v2 - in this version, music is selected based on the max height of any of the blocks. When blocks are near the bottom, I select rock tracks with a tempo of around 90bpm. Getting towards the middle, I select techno tracks at about 140bpm. Near the top, I start throwing some metal tracks at you with a tempo of about 200bpm. \m/
  • Snake (in progress) - a version of snake that plays music with faster tempo as the levels progress.