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I've worked at startups over my career because I love diving into the wide variety of problems that you can only find at startups. I care deeply about providing excellent solutions for customers and finding hacks to boost the productivity of the engineering team.
I am a lifelong learner and have picked up skills in a wide variety of disciplines. I have played lead guitar in a band, snowboarded down steep terrain, attained a top 0.5% chess.com rating, and have hit top percentiles in multiple games like Overwatch and Rocket League. If I'm not coding, I'm trying to get better at something.
This site is built without using any UI/UX helpers. Check out the source if you so desire.
NodeJS, NextJS, React, TypeScript, Postgres/Mongo/Redis/ElasticSearch, Datadog, Docker, AWS/Heroku, ChatGPT, Haskell, and whatever else gets the job done.
Datadog Dashboards
Coding Patterns
Lifecycle Visualization
Functional Programming