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I've worked at startups over my career because I love building new products from the ground up. I care deeply about providing excellent solutions to problems. I also love finding hacks to boost the productivity of the engineering team.
I am a lifelong learner and have skills in a wide variety of disciplines. I have played lead-guitar in a band, snowboarded down steep terrain, attained a top 0.5% chess rating (chess.com) and hit top 2-3% in multiple games like Overwatch and Rocket League. If I'm not coding, I'm trying to get better at something.
This site is built without using any UI/UX helpers. Check out the source if you are bored!
  • NodeJS, NextJS, React, TypeScript, Postgres/Mongo/Redis/ElasticSearch, Datadog, Docker, AWS/Heroku, ChatGPT, Haskell, and whatever else gets the job done.
Datadog Dashboards
Domain-Driven Design
Lifecycle Visualization
Functional Programming